Refinery 13 horoscope march 2020

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This in turn could lead to a shift in direction over the next six months. Jul 18 : This will be a welcome positive day. We will feel more objective and tuned into the positive and spiritual side of life. Jul 19 : The energies will be unsettled and irritable. This would be a good day to attend to routine matters or just relax and take the day off. Jul : We could see the dramatic healing power of love in action this weekend.

Creative energies are also very strong at this time. This will be a good time to reflect on the deeper nature of love, caring, harmony and kindness, and to connect with our Higher Self, to all others on the planet, and to those who watch over us in other realms.

Moon Aquar sext Jup Sag, am. Sun conj Merc Rx in Cancer. Jul 22 : The desire to move ahead and get things started will be strong. We can come up with some creative ideas today. Jul 23 : Over-enthusiasm in the morning could lead to us to take on more work than we bargained for later in the day. Consider that before taking on a project. Jul 24 : Slow down and pay attention when communicating and traveling. Mix-ups could occur, especially if you do something just to be nice. The energies could be somewhat tense in the evening and we may feel a little tired or out of sorts.

Get whatever you want to do before 7 pm MDT. Things could reach a standstill at that time. At the end of the day we should feel very satisfied with our efforts. Jul 26 : This will be a good day for manifesting our desires. As long as we work together much can be accomplished. Jul 27 : A day to keep our options open and see what happens.

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This Mercury Retrograde Is the Rarest of Them All

It will be a favorable time to go to an open air market or some place where there is lots of variety, entertainment and freedom of movement. Jul 28 : We can be easily distracted today so keep an open schedule. The energies are scattered and changeable. Trying to tackle something that will take a lot of concentration and patience is likely to be frustrating. This is a day to go with the flow. JUL Moon in Aries. Sun into Leo pm. Sun Leo Sesqui Jup Sag. Moon Aries sqr Sat Cap am-1 pm.

Moon sqr Plu 10 pm-midnight.

Merc Rx conj Ven Can. Moon into Tau pm.

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Moon Tau sqr Sun Leo pm. JUL Moon in Gemini. Venus into Leo pm. Jul 29 : There could be some surprises today that turn out to be fun even if somewhat startling. Jul 30 : This will be an intense day, especially in the evening. Mercury retrograde is about to go direct which means we will be prone to mix-ups, misunderstandings and gaffes. Emotions will be strong and could lead us to say something without thinking about the consequences.

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Jul 31 : Mercury turns direct around 10 pm MDT. The tendency today will be to open mouth and insert foot. The energies of this New Moon can offer us inspiration, but there will also be some contentious energies and tendency for stubbornness. Aug 1 : If we want to get things done, we should do so before 3 pm MDT.

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After that attend to routine duties and tasks. Relationships could take a surprising turn this evening. Aug 2 : Relationship surprises from the previous evening could carry over to this morning. Things become stabilized and pleasant by late afternoon.

Key dates for Mercury retrograde in Cancer 12222

This will also be a favorable time for creative activities and trying new methods could have surprisingly good results. Aug 3 : This is a good day for blending practical ideas and actions with inspiration and imagination. Aug 4 : We may now realize that an adjustment in our actions will be needed in order to reach our aims.

Think about how to blend imagination with practicality without sacrificing one for the other. Start by narrowing down the best aspects of each. The answer may be to try something unconventional. AUG 1: Moon Leo pm then void of course for rest of the day.

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  7. Moon Vir trine Ura Tau pm. Moon Lib sext Ven Leo midnight. Aug 5 : We may feel overworked and underappreciated during the day. By late evening our spirits lift and we are feeling much lighter. Aug 6 : The energy today is focused and intense. A battle of wills could occur pm. A sense of humor and a positive outlook will help diffuse the tension. Aug 7 : This will be an inspiring and positive day. We might be feeling a little oversensitive in the morning, but that will be temporary. Deep feelings and strong intuition coupled with a practical approach will be good for planning and problem solving.

    Aug 8 : A generally happy energy day that brings an optimistic outlook and good relations with others. Aug : Pleasant energy days that help us look at the positive side of life. Aug 11 : We could have an inner sense that our attention is shifting toward a new direction.

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    A phase has been completed in one part of our life and a turning point has been reached in another. If we stop and tune into the energies, we may be able to see this more clearly. Moon Lib sext Mars pm. Sun Leo trine Jup Sag in orb — exact on Aug 7.


    Moon Scor sqr Sun and Ven Leo am. Moon Scor trine Merc Can am. Moon into Sag pm. Aug Jupiter Direct 14 Sag. Uranus Rx 7 Tau. Moon in Cap trine Ura Tau 10am -Noon. Aug 12 : A good day to blend inspiration with practical matters. Time to take care of business.

    refinery 13 horoscope march 2020 Refinery 13 horoscope march 2020
    refinery 13 horoscope march 2020 Refinery 13 horoscope march 2020
    refinery 13 horoscope march 2020 Refinery 13 horoscope march 2020
    refinery 13 horoscope march 2020 Refinery 13 horoscope march 2020
    refinery 13 horoscope march 2020 Refinery 13 horoscope march 2020

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