Pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope

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A comfortable year for authors, teachers and journalists. There will be recreation during December.

Property matters are bright. Despite setbacks you will forge ahead towards a personal goal. Unexpected and sudden developments likely during the end of the year. The beginning of the year appears to be a bit lackluster. Cash flows in from hard work. Everything will go well for expecting mothers. Overseas journey favours during October and December. Mars and Saturn combine is profitable for those involved in import export.

October and December are good months for applying for visa. No matter what else is going on, you can still contact sweetness. The way to do it is to remember gratitude. Use movement, breathing, music or aroma to connect body, mind and spirit. Then start your gratitude list. Give thanks to anything and everything. Feeling grateful is sweet like candy.

Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign

How is this lunation speaking to you? Gemini or Gemini Rising Rolling ocean waves. The tide rolls in and out. Two directions. You may need to give and take. Instead of becoming nauseous, get into the motion. For now, find your rhythm and be honest. Cancer or Cancer Rising Throwing confetti. But before you can add sparkles, you need to tune into more practical matters. Give yourself a good amount of space to process whatever is coming up.

Be detail oriented and matter-of-fact. Leo or Leo Rising Looking over the edge of a cliff. Fear and exhilaration are wrapped into one.

Trust that your path continues to go up. Trust that you can be creative in all of the right ways. Fear runs alongside change and sometimes you have to put yourself out on the edge so that you can push into new territory. Keep climbing and keep creating. Virgo or Virgo Rising A new color. Let yourself move past convention. You deserve a fresh start. You deserve to break up monotony.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope November 11, 12222

Bring your inner child along for the ride. Your inner child can inspire you with their zest for life. You can inspire yourself by seeing things in a new way. Show yourself as much love as possible.

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Paint your life with new colors. Libra or Libra Rising A fragrant tree in the desert. You are looking for new solutions.


The medicine you need is hiding all around you. Wake up to it. Arise from your mental slumber. Do things that give you more energy. After you feel replenished you can follow your nose. Your senses will lead you to the answers you are asking for. Scorpio or Scorpio Rising A hand grips onto a bannister. You are holding on. You are also in movement. You are learning to know your own stability. You are growing to love yourself.

You are memorizing self-worth. All of that will help you stand tall. This is still a mysterious time, but what you can know for sure is that you are climbing steadily. Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising Your own musical anthem. Going big can be scary. Can you hear that your heart is singing you a song?

The song can build you up with its power and promise. Let your inner song guide you as you show your brilliance to the world. Capricorn or Capricorn Rising A colorful quilt. Piece by piece, the boring fabric squares come together to create a work of art. You can find a way to transcend reality.

The quilt represents transcendence. It can also represent comfort. Settle into a cozy nook and find a process like meditation that will help you move past your emotional blocks and connect with your higher self. Aquarius or Aquarius Rising Lawn games. There are times when you should indulge your scholarly side and be pragmatic.


What's Your Sign? Read Your Daily Horoscope Today

And there are times when you need to embrace your weird and join the party. Go out and connect with them. Let it be fun. The more you connect to others, the easier it will be to connect with yourself.

The week ahead for pisces

Pisces or Pisces Rising A garden made of candy. Your rewards are blossoming. Expansion is emotional. Let yourself feel what you need to feel. And meanwhile, inject your work with a sweet new philosophy or truth. Aries or Aries Rising The view from the plane.

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A new perspective will help you feel energized. Connect to your values. These values can help you know that you are on track, and from there you can enjoy being your regular spontaneous self. If you are feeling skeptical, try to unpack where that comes from. Your current mode of operation should be optimism, so fly a little higher in the sky. Taurus or Taurus Rising Mining on the Moon. If you are feeling monotonous or resistant, ask yourself if there is a feeling that you are avoiding. And go even deeper…what do you need to release?

Your emotions can give you golden information.

pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope Pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope
pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope Pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope
pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope Pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope
pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope Pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope
pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope Pisces weekly 3 to 9 tarot horoscope

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