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The point opposite the zenith , directly below the observer, is the nadir. Zeus - One of the Greek gods, has references to the planet Jupiter.

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Zenith MC : The point in the celestial sphere that is directly overhead an observer at a particular location on the Earth's surface. It has some advantages at high latitude s. This is the same for all latitudes at a given sidereal time. Zeus The third symbol ic planet used in Uranian astrology. See also Uranian astrology. In Todd W. Bostwick and Bryan Bates.

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Simply stated: at the Full Moon we experience either a climax or an anti-climax. This sphere is thus a three-dimensional astrological chart , as will now be discussed.

It is where the Sun's hot rays , the radiance of our soul can make the most impact. The highest degree of the Horoscope, the south ernmost point, the top of the X-th house. The tropical signs are based upon Earth's seasons, not the stars they can also be referred to as the "Houses of the Sun.

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The tropical signs move westward with respect to the sidereal signs and the stars at the rate of Earth's presession. They move very slowly through the heavens as well due to Earth's precession. These three Great Circles the celestial equator, the ecliptic, and the galactic equator are common to everyone on Earth. To learn more about the Precessional Cycle, Precessional Cross and to see a three dimensional illustration of these great circles and how they intersect to create the Cycle of the Precessional Cross, please visit the Earth's Precessional Cross.

An person's natal great circles and their "Natal Cross" discussed next nest upon Earth Precessional Cross.

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The three primary great circles presented above and the Precessional Cross create the much longer term space-time reference for humanity for the entire soul collective ; that is, where we are in the timing of the "Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul. The personal natal great circles and the Natal Cross create the punctional space-time reference for the incarnating soul; that is, the space-time orientation of the current life experience in the longer-term precessional space-timing of the Precessional Cross.

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Imagine looking directly up into the heavens from the location on the Earth where you were born, from your "natal location. That point projected into the heavens is called your "Nadir. The Zenith-Nadir axis creates your personal pole.

You can think of it as the energy running through your spinal column. The stars and constellations surrounding your Zenith reveal much about how you are guided in your life, your soul-level focus. The Nadir stars and constellations reveal much about your soul-level foundation.


Astronomical Foundations of the Astrological Houses

This is called the "Horizon Plane. The Horizon Plane is your personal equator. The Horizon Plane can be tilted at any angle with respect to Earth's equator, to the ecliptic, and to the galactic plane depending upon when and where you were born. If you were born on the north or south pole of the Earth, your Horizon Plane would be the same as Earth's equatorial plane. If you were born exactly on Earth's equator, your Horizon Plane would lie parallel to Earth's pole.

Your Horizon is the orange line in your Star Chart. The stars conjoining your ASC are your "rising stars" and reveal much about the nature of your soul expression on Earth. Your ASC is the most important point in your chart, revealing most about your inherent nature.

The Great Circles and Personal Points in Your Personalized Star Chart

The stars conjoining your DSC are your "setting stars. The stars and constellations along your horizon plane create your personal zodiak. Exploring the stars and constellations on your horizon plane can led insight into the nature of your personal plane of experience—how you experience the world. The houses in an astrology chart are derived by the division of the Horizon Plane. Thus, if you look at the actual stars and constellations of your horizon plane when exploring your astrological houses, rather than just the signs, constellations of stars along the ecliptic, you can gain far greater insight into the nature of your personal houses.

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Visualize the longitude on the Earth where you were born, that which passes through your Zenith, and how it encircles the Earth. This great circle passes through your Horizon Plane at the most southern point from Earth's Equator labeled S in your Star Chart and the most northern point from Earth's Equator labeled N. It can also be envisioned as a plane parallel to you spine that extends in font of and behind you. This plane, or great circle on the Earth and it projected into the heavens is your natal Meridian. The Meridian is the yellow line in your Star Chart. The MC meridian-ecliptic node always lies north of your horizon plane, whereas the IC is the node which lies south.

The stars conjoining your MC reveal much about your day to day modality and focus in the world, how you see things, what is in your face, how your head works, and your personal and professional pursuits in life, a point of attainment. Mastering the theme of your MC is a part of claiming your personal power on the horizon plane upon which you participate.

The stars conjoining your IC reveal the nature about the foundation upon which you stand and the nature of the domestic environment that best serves you, as well as the nature of the inherited genetic coding patterning through which your soul expresses. The stars and constellations along your meridian plane can bring far greater insight into the nature of your stance in the world, how you see and walk through life.

The eastern node created by the intersection of your Horizon Plane and the Celestial Equator is labeled "E" for east. This is your most eastern point on your horizon plane. The East Point is of sunrise, of new beginnings, of starting fresh.

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