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Aquarius Characteristics

To me, Aquarius reminds of water and blue tones, so I was really happy to see that blue is their colour! If you enjoy this post, hit the like button and subscribe to see more! They deeply care about the people and environment, and one of their main goals in life is changing the world for the better. Did I mention they love technology? People born under this sign are usually talented, intelligent, and creative, and they highly value freedom and individualism.

Some people would even go so far as to call them cold and indifferent. Blend high up, nearly touching your brow. Then I took the electric blue shadow, and blended it from the middle to the outer part of the eye socket, avoiding the inner part of my eye. Concentrate this shadow in the crease as much as possible, only lightly blending upwards. Now, take the darkest blue and pat it on the moving lid, though leave the middle part bare.

Since I used a pencil brush, it was easy to blend some of this shadow right in the crease!

#astrologyweekend: why do aquarius eyes look so empty and detached??

Carve the middle of the lid with some concealer, and pat on some highlighter. Blend the edges with the same brush you used to apply the darkest blue, just make sure the brightness is in the middle! That's how easy it is to find your Sun Sign! Your ascendant is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon when your born.

This is why your ascendant is also known as your rising sign.

Sloan Bella Astrologer Aquarius Fixed Air Sign

You can find your ascendant by looking at the sign that is in the first house of your astrology chart. Aries March 21 — April 19 — You have a strong and rugged appearance, with prominent brows, nose, chin and mouth.

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You are average height with a strong bone structure. You have fair or red hair.

Because Aries rules the head and face, you probably have a distinctive mark, such as a mole or scar, on your head or face. You tend to be quite healthy. You have good posture and a fast, confident stride. Taurus April 20 — May 20 — You have a well-balanced face with full, sensual lips.

Your face is square or oval, and your nose is round or turns up at the end. You have thick, healthy hair. Your neck is prominent, standing out in some way — it could be thick or long and elegant. You have a strong jaw, neck and shoulders. You dress stylishly, and wear top quality clothes. Gemini May 21 — June 20 — You are tall and strong with shiny eyes. Your face is quite expressive.

You give the impression of being full of energy, even when resting. You tend towards a fair complexion.

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You likely have a high forehead and a long, straight nose. Cancer June 21 — July 22 — There's a sense of roundness about you, such as a round face with round features. Your facial features tend to be soft with high cheeks, while your complexion tends to be fair and your nose small. Your hair is usually dark and thin. Cancer rules the stomach and breasts, so yours are prominent in some way, such as a round, soft stomach or six-pack abs. Leo July 23 — August 22 — You have strong facial features, usually with a wide forehead, large nose, and thick hair.

You tend to be tall with long legs.

How Aquarius Season Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Physically, you're inclined to be muscular with strong, broad shoulders. You have an upright posture and graceful movements. Your eyes are usually almond shape and dark — this doesn't mean dark brown necessarily, but dark in general…dark green…dark blue…dark grey….

Virgo August 23 — September 22 — You tend to look serious and discreet. Your height is average to tall, with a slender frame.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

You tend not to have distinctive features, which perfectly suits your preference to not be noticed. You move gracefully and look younger than you actually are. You might blush easily. Your eyes are clear and bright. Libra September 23 — October 22 — You tend to have an oval or heart-shaped face with pleasant features. Your height is average to tall, and you have an average build.

You have a tendency to gain weight as you age. You have nice lips and a nice nose. You might have a cleft chin or dimpled cheeks.

Aquarius Woman Beauty

You have a charming voice with a great smile.

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