Sagittarius gypsy horoscope

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Chiron a minor planet associated with the myth of the Wounded Healer is in sensitive Pisces, making a challenging square to the New Moon. In mythology Chiron, the wisest of the centaurs, was born half man, half horse, both mortal and divine. Rejected by both his parents he retreated to a cave where he raised himself.

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There he was mentored by Apollo the sun god who taught him the healing arts such as homeopathy, herbs, natural medicine, as well as astronomy, and astrology. As a result Chiron became a gifted healer and teacher; his students were the sons of the great men and gods; he taught them to be heroes they were meant to be. This bold Sagittarius New Moon encourages us to connect with our inner hero or heroine; that fierce yet forgiving part of ourselves.

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  • Find the courage to move out of your comfort zone; be open to fresh ideas and new experiences — not just on an intellectual or physical level but also on an emotional and spiritual one. We are supposed to live the entire gamut, from the heights of thought and imagination all the way down to the depths of woundedness and the deeper capacity to love. The internet with its social media sites gives us tremendous access to ideas and information but it is a kind of horizontal learning; it lacks a vertical dimension. This New Moon with brilliant Uranus and wise Chiron asks us to look deeper and combine our intellect with our compassion so we may learn with all our senses.

    This playful sign colors any planet passing through it with a wonderfully expansive Sagittarian hue. What does it mean when Jupiter is in Sagittarius? In Sagittarius, Jupiter is free to be itself, it can be joyful and inspired, it can travel in full Jupiterian style and it can immerse itself in ever-growing philosophical thought.

    Sagittarius New Moon Dec. 2-3

    Jupiter moving into Sagittarius is like the guru returning to the ashram, the gypsy returning to their traveling caravan, the professor returning to the university, the seeker embarking on a quest or the comedian performing at their favorite comedy club. This is a time of renewed optimism, a cultivated world view, and a new cycle of luck and opportunity.

    Jupiter has returned home after its expedition through all the signs and can now put collective meaning into what it has learned. Now it is time for you to look at the journey you have made up until this point. What have you learned? Where in life have you expanded, and where in your life could you use more confidence, optimism, and belief in a higher meaning?


    The growth you need to experience with your Jupiter or Sagittarius stuff can happen, now that Jupiter is comfortable in its beloved home sign. Jupiter in Sagittarius activates the seeker in all of us, the part in us that believes in divine wisdom and wants to fling ourselves into the unknown, in hopes of someday understanding it. The quest for freedom and higher meaning is now in full effect.

    After its year of intense introspection, Jupiter is guiding us to seek truth and meaning in the outside world through travel, morals, education, philosophy, and religion, and to reexamine our ideals. Does this affect you? If you are a Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo, this will affect you. Here are some birthdates in any year at all that will feel the effects of this transit during December 6th to 16th March 4th to 15th June 4th to 16th September 6th to 17th. Use this to find out: How To Use Astro.

    Jupiter in Sagittarius serves as a beacon for exploration and the search of higher meaning.


    Have you been allowing yourself enough freedom and space to expand your horizons? Or have you been a little too preoccupied with day-to-day details?

    Moon in Sagittarius - Stars Like You

    Take a step back and think about the bigger picture. Look to your chart to see what Jupiter is expanding and where in life Jupiter is urging you to grow. The house Jupiter is passing through will be seeded with opportunity, and lucky things are more likely to happen in the area of life it symbolizes. To maximize your life, create a meditation or affirmation that invites freedom, opportunity, and guidance for your highest good, linger in that moment and feel your deservingness of all the good things Jupiterian. Focus on the feeling of gratitude for all the good you already have in this life area, then boldly ask for more and open metaphorical doors and windows for it to come through.

    When it arrives, recognize it, appreciate it, and take advantage of it. Dream big! Instead of an all-or-nothing approach to your goals and aspirations, let the feeling of good fortune trickle into every little part of your day. Also keep in mind that Jupiter can expand confidence and righteousness, sometimes a little too much.

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    So, balance wisdom with facts, and enthusiasm with rationality. Be prepared for expansion of whatever planet Jupiter is activating in your chart so you can reap the rewards of this lucky transit. Whether in your mind or on foot, go ahead… let your inner traveler roam. As Tolkien wrote, not all those who wander are lost.

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